Fun Day Key West 06-27-2014

Fun Day Key West 2014-06-27 Blog

Fun Day Key West with Chad and Regina

In town from New York, Chad and Regina came out on a three hour Fun Day Key West Excursion with Blue Sky Charter Company LLC.   Captain Chris and Amie took them to Boca Grande so they could wander the beach and explore the shallows along the shoreline.  Conditions were perfect with light winds and mostly sunny skies.  Wandering along the shore we noticed countless hermit crabs, several barracuda and a couple of southern stingray.  Amie and I showed them what we locals call the lazy river ride down the shoreline, Chad had fun floating along aimlessly.  Regina really enjoyed seeing all of the hermit crabs and told us stories of having them for pets when she was a little girl.  We look forward to seeing them next year for another Fun Day in Key West! Book a three or six hour Fun Day Key West Excursion with Blue Sky Charter Company LLC.  Go to for details or Book online.

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  1. Edmond..I do..sorry couldn’t get you out..did you guys end up catching some fish that day? Thanks for the kind words brother!

  2. The best Charter Company in Key West, You can’t find anybody who will give you more for your money. Its wonderful that you can just follow their lead and enjoy Key West the right Way. Chris remember that green center console stuck in the grass that me

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